Turquoise – A stone goes home

This is the post excerpt.

Twelve years ago, I bought a piece of turquoise in Jackie’s Pawn Shop in Taos, New Mexico. There was a small wire threaded through the top of it, and for all the years since then I have tried to wear it as a necklace.  I say tried because it has never felt comfortable, never felt right.  Each time I put it on I’d take it off again minutes later.

Last week, I woke up and thought ‘it has to go back’.

I googled Taos Pueblo.  Then wrote and said that I’d like to send the turquoise back; that it could either be given to someone or returned to the earth.

Two days later they replied.  Greetings, the email began.  They were happy to receive the stone and agreed to ceremonially return it to the earth.  Below is a photo of the turquoise wrapped in a jacket of burgundy leather.  Today, I have sent it to Taos Pueblo in a bubble wrap envelope.  It feels good to be sending it back, a relief.

Timing-wise, it’s interesting to note that I bought the turquoise at a time when there were meteor showers happening.  A sculptor that I met in the Pink Adobe Motel (where I was staying in Taos), Daryl Coburn, woke me at 2 am and we went into the dark night together to watch meteors crash through the sky.  At this time now, there are also meteor showers.

The stones in the sky and the stones on earth align with each other as they move around.


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